Project Management

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop a concept into a fully completed project in a timely and cost-effective manner, consistently reaching safety standards and ensuring high quality. We have a high degree of involvement in every stage of the process to guarantee the client’s requirements are met. We enjoy working closely alongside our clients to become an extension of their team.

Engineering Consultancy

Our team of engineering experts are on hand to work closely with you to guarantee a tailored product which meets your individual requirements. With over 80 years combined experience, our team is able to create a practical and efficient solution for every project in a variety of industries, whilst adhering to strict industry standards.

Specialist Design

We work with clients to develop a specialised design that is fit for purpose. With vast experience in the industry, we can design quality assured products that are both cost effective and compliant with rigorous international safety standards.

Product Trialling

We have in-house capabilities to work closely with our clients to trial and test products. With testing equipment available (including hydrostatic and pneumatic), our design engineers are able to provide constructive feedback and expert solutions to any issues which may have presented themselves during the testing process.

Product Development

We ensure our products meet quality standards and design code requirements throughout each stage of the product development process and we work with our clients to identify, where possible, cost savings that can be made without compromise on quality. We understand that not every company is the same which is why our products can be specifically tailor-made for each client in order to meet exacting requirements.

Site Inspections and Surveys

As part of our thorough inspection services we offer internal and external visual inspection to ensure all systems are safe and secure; meeting, if not exceeding all relevant standards. Our inspections include dimensional checks; associate pig handling equipment checks and a quick opening closure (QOC) inspection. A functional test is also implemented to make sure everything is working correctly.

Once all checks have been completed an inspection report is issued and any resulting requirements such as repairs or replacements are implemented and any required maintenance is scheduled. We provide a complete in-house service including inspection, maintenance, repairs and replacements to ensure the overall result is cost-effective and reliable.